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Threat Intelligence-based Ethical Red Teaming (TIBER)

Introducing the New Standard in Red Teaming for Finance: Can Your Entity Detect and Neutralize Emerging Threats

Moving beyond traditional penetration testing

Threat intelligence-based Red Teaming provides a more nuanced and context-driven evaluation of an organization's security preparedness, aligning closely with the evolving nature of cyber threats and their potential impact on the business.

  • No deactivated security measures

  • No informed Security Operations Centers (SOC)

  • Aligned with your critical business functions

  • Overseen by the national regulatory entity in case of TIBER

  • Challenge detection & response tech, personell & processes 

Pin point focussed, scenario-based engagements with the goal to demonstrate business impact and benchmark an entity's resilience measures.


End-to-End Digital Attacks

In the TIBER framework, we come full circle by beginning with the essential questions: "What are the critical business functions? Who might target these and for what reasons? How?" In a controlled manner, this is precisely what we undertake: We simulate attacks, conduct assessments, and collaboratively work to significantly and measurably decrease the likelihood of a successful targeted attack.

Why trust Exploit Labs with your TIBER engagement?

Talk to our experts

We are looking forward to providing you with any information you need. We understand that TIBER is still a very fresh concept and most institutes are participating the first time. Feel free to reach out so we can discuss any open questions.

Turst our international experience

TIBER-DE and Beyond

Exploit Labs executes Red Teaming engagements beyond the German borders, integrating global insights and methodologies into our practices. This international exposure allows us to continually innovate and refine our approach, ensuring we stay at the forefront of cybersecurity trends and techniques through our assume breach and red team engagements.

Is TIBER the right choice for me?

While TIBER is tailored for financial institutions, offering a comprehensive framework for testing against sophisticated cyber threats, it may not align perfectly with the needs of organizations outside this sector. For those seeking alternative approaches, Exploit Labs provides a suite of more adaptable solutions:

  • Threat-led Penetration Testing: Designed for entities operating with a Security Operations Center (SOC), this service is akin to a "TIBER-light" engagement. It offers the core benefits of a TIBER exercise without regulatory involvement and with reduced complexity, making it ideal for organizations looking to efficiently assess their cyber resilience.

  • Assume Breach Penetration Testing: This option is targeted at organizations eager to understand their readiness against the imminent threat of data breaches and ransomware attacks. It's a proactive measure to uncover vulnerabilities that could be exploited in a real-world attack scenario.

  • Internal Penetration Testing: Serving as an initial step, this form of testing focuses on identifying vulnerabilities within an organization's infrastructure. It offers a comprehensive evaluation of patch management, configuration and asset management, password and identity security, providing a holistic view of potential risks and weaknesses.

Each of these alternatives is designed to meet the unique needs of organizations at different stages of their cybersecurity journey, ensuring that every entity, regardless of its affiliation with the financial sector, can enhance its defensive posture against cyber threats.

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