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Inhouse Red Team Tool Dev Event

"YoloStrike", "YouOnlyPhishOnce", "Hi, we are Exploit Labs and Welcome to Jackass, this week we will do way too much content for only four days".

Getting hands-on with C coding using the Windows API, exploring the never ending repertoire of Thread Injections, DLL relocations, sRDI, and the art of service concealment. We also shared some tricks on making the most out of Visual Studio Code. To get the team going an endless supply of Red Bull and delicious Mexican food <(o.O)> was provided.

What better way to bond with your team?

As we continuously strive to enhance our capabilities and outmaneuver security controls, we're eager to apply our freshly honed skills in upcoming TIBER and DORA Red Team exercises.

Stay tuned: Exploit Labs is gearing up to host an exciting new Red Team Socializing Event focused on Tool Development in Frankfurt. Keep an eye open for this unique opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with us. Visit our website for more insights into the cutting-edge world of red teaming.



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