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Mandiant releases Commando VM 3.0

We almost missed it: Mandiant has released Commando VM 3.0, the latest version of the leading Windows-based solution for penetration testing. Commando VM offers a comprehensive collection of tools for security experts, similar to Kali Linux, but with a crucial difference: Commando VM is specifically optimized for the Windows environment and includes tools that are exclusively available on Windows. This makes it the ideal solution for attacking Active Directory from a Windows system.

Why Commando VM 3.0?

Commando VM 3.0 represents a significant advancement in the world of penetration testing. It's not just a collection of tools; it's a fully configured testing environment, specifically developed to meet the requirements of security professionals. With the integration of Windows-specific tools, Commando VM 3.0 provides a seamless and efficient platform for testing security vulnerabilities in a Windows environment, especially for attacking Active Directory structures. And some of us just prefer testing from a Windows machine. We don't judge.

Special Appreciation from Artur Stöber of the Exploit Labs Team

We let Artur try out v3.0. A special highlight of Commando VM 3.0 is the package installer, which Artur particularly appreciates. Artur has actively contributed to improving Commando VM by submitting pull requests to optimize the installation and operation on a Windows system with German language settings. The German alphabet can get in the way during installation and use. Thanks to Artur's contributions, Commando VM can now handle this better.

Benefits of Commando VM 3.0

  • Windows-specific Tools: Commando VM offers a unique collection of tools developed specifically for Windows environments, enabling users to effectively attack Active Directory.

  • Easy Installation: With the improved package installer, setting up Commando VM is now easier than ever before.

  • Comprehensive Testing Environment: Commando VM 3.0 is not just a collection of tools but a fully configured and ready-to-use penetration testing environment.


Commando VM 3.0 is a great extension in a landscape heavily influenced by Kali and offers a large collection of tools for security experts. With support from Artur Stöber and the Exploit Labs Team, Commando VM has been further improved to ensure seamless integration into German Windows environments. For security professionals looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for penetration testing on Windows, Commando VM 3.0 is the first choice.

For more information and to download Commando VM 3.0, please visit the official GitHub page: Discover the benefits of Commando VM and the installed tools.



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